Sephina Marigold

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The Marigold Media Company was founded in 1927 on Basselus by Sephnia Marigold, a superstar entertainer who wanted something more in her silver years. She decided to capitalise on the much-sidelined industry of media. Her people were continuously bemoaning the lack of options for their free time, and Sephnia realised she could use her star power to fill those gaps. Her company specialised in theatre and radio at first, later magazine publishing and television.

The company quickly moved into all forms of entertainment, and after Marigold's eldest son passed on, the upper management was shuffled to redirect the company's focus. They purchased advertisement and data giant Elyxa Systems as well as news conglomerate RT Media Limited which allowed them a much greater reach of consumer base. In the beginning of the 24th century, Marigold Media began expanding into new markets after a decline in revenue from their usual pipelines. They struck a deal with celebrities, including rock titan band 'Comatose' to provide a line of clothing, cosmetics and more with their branding.

A series of successful business moves had elevated the company to the top 10 organisations in the galaxy.